Monday, February 25, 2013


Christine Centenera 

Vogue Australia Editor,  Former Harper's Bazaar Editor Fashion & Consultant to Kanye West

Centenera, is a girl about town and one of my favourite fashion muses, she's been on my radar since she stepped on the scene. She can always found on her way to a fashion show or schmoozing with some of Fashion's Elite. Her killer personal style is religiously documented by the world's fashion media, everytime she steps out to an event. Christine became an IT Girl, after being photographed by Garance Dore & The Satorialist, on numerous occasions. 

Most recently the fashion world has been buzzing with rumors that Kim Kardashian's new style is a carbon copy of Centenera's. 

Back in August, the world looked on helplessly as Kanye West chucked the lion’s share of Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe on a very special episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Before the episode aired, we’d already noticed the drastic change in Kim’s style since she started dating the rapper.

Gone were her colorful ‘fits, tailored to flatter her bold curves. Her brightly hued blazers and beautifully cut frocks were replaced with peplum tops and leather pants in a limited palette of black and white. That episode proved our suspicions: Kanye had taken over as Kim’s stylist.

The striking similarities between Kim’s current swag and the personal style of one of Yeezy’s fashion consultants, Vogue Australia editor Christine Centenera. She wrote, “After going through A LOT of Christine’s street style photos & learning that she consults w/ Kanye, I understood why Kim K’s style has taken a whole new direction.”

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